Jolene planned her career to focus on internal and external communications, and like most things in her life, it turned into so much more. She works as a facilitator, trainer, coach, team builder and corporate inspirer. Her passion is helping organizations design a great culture and working with leaders and teams to make it happen.

For almost 20 years, Jolene has gained over 3500 hours of facilitation experience working with a variety of diverse groups, from public stakeholders concerned about City development plans to corporate teams looking to be more effective at business planning and working together. Jolene can help groups see commonalities and opportunities to help them reach their goals. As a communicator and strategic consultant, Jolene has developed over 65 business and communications strategies, and has led a variety of projects including advertising and public campaigns, and website launches. As a coach, Jolene has worked with over 450 leaders to help them develop their capabilities in employee engagement, and be more successful in their communications.

Jolene still works with clients on “big c” communications, because without communications, how can you possibly influence culture? This includes both formal and interpersonal communications. She has developed hundreds of toolkits, videos, articles, presentations, and speeches. She is enthusiastic about helping organizations, leaders and teams understand their values, brand, and reputation, tell their story, and share their personality and tone, which she believes is all the foundation of a great culture.

Jolene is a Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Skills Practitioner, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Studies from the University of Calgary, a Certificate in Public Relations from Mount Royal, is a certified Public Participation Practitioner through the International Association of Public Participation, is accredited in Insights DiscoveryTM and Lumina LearningTM, is a Destination Coach Graduate and is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators.